Importance of the site

Every work of architecture entails the construction of a site. It is not an isolated object; on the contrary it is an entity that takes root in a distinctive place. For this reason the territory is an integral part of the project, and never an incidental element. From this point of view, it can be said that architecture is the discipline that, instead of building on a site, builds that site.

The city and the historical stratification

The city (in particular the European one) is an extraordinary model of aggregation; it is the highest expression of social life. Its millenary stratification makes it a bulwark of quality compared with the anonymity brought about by the globalization.


Light generates space. It gives emphasis and rhythm, it marks the spaces and bestows balance to the structure: neither space nor architecture could be perceived without light. Light completes the architectural project, so it is necessary to determine from the very first planning stages the distinctive features that will make it the fundamental element for the understanding and the use of the constructed work.


Gravity is the force that binds the work of architecture to the ground, it is the reason for existence of the building principle in the search for a balance to transmit the loads to the ground.

Geometry, symmetry, order

Preference for the simple and primary forms combined to achieve symmetrical order. Geometry allows to control the balance of the spaces thus making them recognizable and understandable.

Natural materials

Natural materials are characterized by strength and durability. They also have a great ductility, i.e. the capacity to modify in time and space their aspect, their structure and, as a consequence, their appearance.

The territory of memory, respect of the great past

To promote a different, more sustainable relationship with the environment, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of the territory of memory, whose value is proportional to the value we assign to the past. To give importance to memory compels us to update, hence to get possession of, the great ideas of the past.

Ethical meaning of architecture

Architecture should have an ethical rather than an aesthetical meaning. The aim of the architectural fact is that of offering good quality living values opposed to merely aesthetical images. The search for a better quality of life goes through the search for a better space for life.

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