Cathedral Of The Resurrection
Evry, France	
1988 - 1995

Cathedral of the Resurrection, Evry , France



Place des Droits de l’Homme et du Citoyen

Commissioned by
Diocese of Evry, Corbeil-Essonnes

Project Managment
Philippe Talbot & Associés

I thought of the design for the "House of God" in the hope of making a house for Man. The city is Man's house. It is where he lives, works and communicates with other people. It is a collective space where history and memory reside, where work, the strains of work and people's hopes are accumulated. To build a cathedral today is an extraordinary opportunity to create and enrich the environment in which we live. it is a new sign, awaited by Man. It offers a moment of silence, of reflection and prayer and speaks of Man in relation to the rapid changes and contradictions of life today. Yes, I believe the cathedral is a necessity for those who believe and also for those who do not. It is a testimony that connects us to the great past, when our beautiful, old cities were new. Building a cathedral is not just a bishop's see, it is above all an affirmation that the deepest of forces are still present. It is the will to create a place where the spirit is tightly woven into the urban fabric, a place which can help us face the everyday challenges and struggles of life. A cathedral today is a symbol of man's new attitude toward the environment in which he lives. For the architect this means working and building in the hope of meeting the need for eternity that is present in each of us.