Central Bus Terminal Lugano, 

Central Bus Terminal, Lugano, Switzerland, 2000-2002



City of  Lugano

Strucutral Engineering
Passera+Pedretti SA, Grancia/Biasca

Light engineering
Elettroconsulenze Solcà SA, Lugano

Via Corso Pestalozzi, Piazzale ex-scuole

Site area
4'915 m²

Covered area
1260 m²

10'110 m³

The platform roof for the new central bus terminal of the public urban transports is located on the city square of the Piazzale ex-scuole, and has a frontline of 70 meters along Corso Pestalozzi, and a side depth  of 18 meters. The project is composed of a  central, 7 m high nave with two 5 m high side aisles, formed by two opposed structures, which create a new urban space, offering along the Corso Pestalozzi a protection platform roof for the Bus stop and on the south front, the connection with the parking lot for cars, bikes and scooters. The bearing structure is made of a steel frame with a double beam - supported by only 4 columns - jerking as a roof on each fronts at both the heights of 5 and 7 meters. The structure is covered with a translucent material (plexiglas) and offers an opaque surface allowing a filtered light. The given effect of the translucent surface characterizes the whole spot of this central bus station, whether offering wide, bright and weather protected spaces during day time, or at night, transmitting a shining effect of white and coloured light sources which are set within  the steel structure ( colour lights  changing with the season). The new frame develops at a height of 2.5 m from ground level and therefore offers a total transparency in the walking  and crossing area. Small shop units with different functions are going to be set on the front side facing the parking lot, redefining the square area and entertaining this new urban front. The two central units are immediately completed to house public phone cabins and technical plant.