The round house in Stabio
Ticino, Switzerland				

The round house in Stabio, Ticino, Switzerland



Liliana and Ovidio Medici

Site area
700 m

1400 m³

"I imagined a building with a circular plan, cut across its north-south axis by fissure from which the zenithal light descends. A volume organised on three levels, a sort of tower, or rather, an object designed and cut out itself. The intention was to avoid any comparison and/or contrast with the surrounding buildings, but to search instead for a spatial relationship with the distant landscape and horizon. By using a cylindrical volume I wantwd to avoid elevations that would necessarily have to be compared to the facades of the existing houses around it. A building thus articulated justifies its existence in the space lying between the land (to which it is attached by its perimeter) and the sky (on to which the roof opens vertically through the skylight). Around this vertical space I arranged the various living the functions, with the ground floor conceived as a transitional space between the interior and the exterior, the first floor envisaged as a catalyst of the different activities (day area), while the second floor constitutes an area of greater privacy (sleeping area). The search for form and form spatial and constructional organization, in accordance with these intentions, motivated my work on the project. I was substained by the convinction that I must in these times propose a different environmental condition, capable of embracing the primary and constant necessities of living and of suiting them to the new sensibility and to the new aspirations determined by culture today. In the them to the round hoouse, as for that matters in others, this condition has re-stated my work as an architect as a constant starting again from the beginning, a continual revision of the codes and "certainties" matured and acquired in earlier projects."